Tetley Green Tea decaf 50 Btl. 100g – entkoffeinierter Grüner Tee für jeden Genuss


Original britische Importware!
Sorgfältig ausgewählte Blättern des Grünen Tees aus Asien mit afrikanischen grünen Teeblätter aus den hochgelegenen Plantagen kombiniert, schaffen eine besonders hohe Qualität bei diesem Grünen Tee.
100% Natural … , Tetley Grüner Tee ist eine natürliche Quelle von Fluorid. Fluorid hilft Zahn Mineralisierung. Genießen Sie als Teil einer gesunden Ernährung und Lebensweise.



In 1837, two brothers, Joseph and Edward Tetley started to sell tea and became such a success that they set up as tea merchants. In 1856, in partnership with Joseph Ackland, they set up „Joseph Tetley & Company, Wholesale Tea Dealers“. In the 1880s they began to sell tea to the United States of America, and started to bring ideas back; one of these was the tea bag.

Since the 1960s, Tetley has continued to develop people’s love of tea drinking by introducing innovative and exciting ideas in many different countries. In 1989 the round tea bag was launched, latching on to the fashion to drink tea in a mug, rather than a cup. Next came the Drawstring ‘No drip, no mess’ tea bag.

Tetley joined our portfolio in 2000 and has grown from strength to strength. A truly global brand, enjoyed in 70 countries and available in a variety of formats from the drawstring tea bag to packet tea, Tetley offers consumers an ever widening range of new and exciting teas to suit all possible tea moments.

Expertly blended this unique blend of Asian & African green teas mean you can enjoy a smooth refreshing flavour, without the bitter taste found in some green teas and it’s caffeine free*

*Decaffeinated to 0.2%

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