Oolong-Tee 250g (0.55LB) Tieguanyin-Tee das China natürlich organische Gesundheitspflegengrünteebindung Guan Yin-Tee grüne Nahrung



Oolong tea is a tea category with distinctive Chinese characteristics among several major Chinese teas. After tasting, the cheeks are fragrant and the aftertaste is fresh. Oolong tea is prominent in the decomposition of fat, weight loss and bodybuilding. It is called „beauty tea“ and „bodybuilding tea“ in Japan. Oolong tea contains more than 450 kinds of chemical components and more than 40 kinds of inorganic mineral elements. The organic chemical constituents and inorganic mineral elements in tea contain many nutrients and medicinal ingredients. Organic chemical components mainly include: tea polyphenols, plant alkaloids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, pectins, organic acids, lipopolysaccharides, sugars, enzymes, pigments, and the like. Tieguanyin Oolong Tea: it is one of the top ten famous teas in China. After brewing, there is a natural orchid fragrance, which is pure and rich in flavor. It has a long-lasting aroma and has a reputation of „after seven bubbles also have fragrance“. Carbon baking oolong tea: it is a good tea that belongs to the traditional taste. The palate is more assured, smooth and has a natural fire scent. its tea leaves are special, have a unique taste, and the throat is particularly refreshing after tasting. It has a strong fire scent. Milk Oolong Tea: It is made with fresh tea. The tea is clear and bright, the water color is honey yellow, the smell is strong and mellow, the taste is smooth, the throat is sweet, and the rich taste is unforgettable. Black oolong tea: It is popular in Japan, it has a little mellow tea scent. After drinking it, there is a light tea aftertaste, and it is like a general tea drink. Has a magical weight loss, detoxification effect. Ginseng Oolong Tea: Ginseng Oolong Tea is made with fine oolong tea and ginseng. It not only retains the mellow aftertaste of oolong, but also adds the sweetness and sweetness of ginseng. The mouth is fragrant, and the bottom of the tongue is fluid and endless.

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