Kaiserliche Oolong Tee Lose Blatt von The Phoenix Mountain (33 Tassen) – Phoenix DanCong Oolong Tee für Gewicht Verlust – 100% Chinesisch Natürlicher Detox Oolong Tee Gesundheit Vorteile, 66g



Absolutely pure tea

Processed by Jufeng Tea Processing Factory of Anxi County, Fujian Province.
If you are looking for tea with all-natural ingredients, your search will end here. Because it is your best choice. No artificial flavors and additives, Annvchi provides the healthiest tea available in the world with the finest ingredients for customers.

About Annvchi Tea
Annvchi also has very strict requirements on tea quality. We spent a long time looking for suppliers in China,finally we found the good supplier .
As we have worked closely with top-notch tea plantations across China, we could source the freshest tea in each harvest season within a week after its production. Through the advanced dehumidification and refrigeration technology, Annvchi is capable of maintaining the freshness and aroma of these premium tea products in the best possible way.

Elaborate Production
The processing steps of An Tea are gone through from tea plantation to refining factory. There are a series of strict quality control measures, including picking fresh tea leaves, aerobic fermentation, drying, tea winnowing and sorting, removing impurities, along with the use of unique climate and environment to control.

We provide the healthiest tea products by cooperating with the best tea factories and tasters and carefully handpicking raw materials, preparing them in a hand-made way and monitoring their whole production progress.

100% lifetime guarantee. Our tea is made with love. You’ll feel 100% satisfied.

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