360g (12.69 oz) 2010 Year FuDing Supreme Ancient Tree GongMei Tribute Eyebrow Aged Chinese White Tea Cake Tee




Our registered brand to USPTO: GOARTEA

How to Choice the tea from GOARTEA Tea House?
All our tea grade marked the follow standard:

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Normal, premium, Supreme, Nonpareil Supreme.

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Bai Mudan „white peony“ is a type of white tea made from plucks each with one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves.Bai Mudan is sometimes preferred by white tea drinkers for its fuller flavor and greater potency than the other major type of white tea, Bai Hao Yinzhen. The latter is made purely with leaf shoots, and so it is comparatively softer and more subtle. The typical taste of Bai Mudan is a result of both the processing and the tea plant cultivars employed in the production.

Tasting and brewing:
1. Generally use 3g white tea per 200ml (7oz) water.
2. The water temperature for brewing white tea should be 100% boiled water.
3. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves, and wait for about 5 minutes‘ infusion when the water becomes light yellow.
4. Then enjoy the tea. Could brew 4-5 times..

The Storage of White Tea:
Seal and keep in shady, cool and dry place.
nettogewicht: 360 g (12,69 unzen)
grad: aaaaa +
jahrgang: 2010 jahr.

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